React Native App Development

React Native App Development

Merabusinessapp is one of the most trusted React Native development service providers recognized for creating business-empowered apps that run seamlessly and flawlessly on multiple platforms (Android and iOS). Our skilled and adept team of React Native developers is proficient in developing apps that possess near-native qualities and are created in less time and development efforts.

Every developer in the team holds more than a decade of experience in JavaScript (the backbone of React Native) and is conversant with all the other tools and libraries required for building a robust, scalable, and high-performance app in React Native.

What stands us apart is the way our team of React Native developers works: they follow an agile and refined work approach to ensure that every application meets clients’ expectations, boosts their business productivity, and enhances their brand reputation. Our team’s expertise and hard work help us to deploy hundreds of React Native applications to the startups and enterprises.

Benefits of Developing a Native Android App

Captivating user experience

Native apps built for the Android operating system are known for their diverse features and specifications. A hybrid app cannot give you the level of intuitiveness that a native app renders seamlessly.

Superior performance

Performance is key to engagement and the number of downloads you are expecting. Since native apps are developed for a specific operating system, they are, by design, capable of performing optimally.

Access to built-in features of the device

Unlike hybrid apps, native apps access to most of the features of the device on which they are installed. Features like camera, GPS, and microphone give developers scopes for creating wide-ranging features.

Robust security

Native apps have provided stronger data protection and security than other apps. Your customer data and critical business information are safer on a native app than on a cross-platform/hybrid app.

Better app market support

Mobile apps that use native app development get better support from various app markets. This makes the app more easily discoverable for potential users. A native app also has better marketing options.

Easy maintenance, better support

Fixing an issue or improving performance is easier on a native app than a cross-platform app. The Android support team provides tools for solving issues quickly.

React Native App Development Services

Our end-to-end React Native development services covers up everything from designing, developing, and testing to support and maintenance. Leveraging the latest technology and all the potential of React Native, we develop cross-platform applications that are compatible with Android, iOS, and other platforms.

Apart from developing new React Native based applications, we can also help you to extend the functionality of the serverless React Native app you already have. To make this possible, our professionals create a server for your existing application. Along with it, we also create an API (Application Program Interface) that enables clear and concise communication between the server and the mobile interface. By choosing MBA as your React Native app development partner, you can save significantly on your cost and time.

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  • React Native Consulting
  • React Native Team Augmentation
  • App Migration and Integration
  • React Native App Support & Maintenance
  • React Front End App Development
  • React Plugin Development


Native mobile apps are built in a specific programming language, for the specific device platform, either iOS or Android. Native Android apps are written in Java or Kotlin programming languages.

Native apps are developed for a specific operating system. These apps take full advantage of the software and the operating systems’ features. These apps can directly access the hardware of the device such as the GPS, camera, microphone, etc. so provide a better user experience.

The costs of developing a native Android app depend on different factors. Design elements, development time, type of features, etc. play an important role in calculating the costs. We develop native Android apps at a competitive price.